The Quimper Hitty’s human bought a beautiful hand made basket on our  recent trip to the Ozarks.


It is made of split branches, with a wooden base and compartmented interior.




There are two handy inset magnets, useful for holding scissors or a darning needle!




We are using up two balls of yarn to make these Hitty sleeping bags, and with each in its own compartment there is much less tangling!



Maker’s Signature

This is the maker’s signature, but we couldn’t find out anything about her…the basket was purchased at Lillie Hobbs Mercantile in Omaha, Arkansas.




Rose thinks the beautiful workbasket will probably extend its magic into the rest of the workroom and everything will become organised!



12 thoughts on “Workbasket

  1. How handy that basket looks…especially suited for a knitter’s needs? I’m glad you’re feeling (or…Rose is feeling) that it will extend it’s organization farther afield.

  2. I got to see that marvelous basket in person. It is indeed lovely and now it has a great home with the Quimper Human and Rose!! those magnets are sooo clever!

  3. There is nothing so satisfying as a functional art form. Knitting, quilting, baskets, candles. “Old technologies reimagined” is the perfect phrase.

  4. How very beautiful the work basket is! When I see something functional, made with so much care and from natural materials, I mourn the invention of plastic and the resulting decline in craftsmanship. But we do seem to be living in a time when it is returning.
    The basket looks as though it might be spacious and well designed enough to become an entire workbook for an industrious little Hitty lady, too!

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