Vanilla is coming along…







…paint is pretty much the last stage…




She is happy!




She has shoulder pegs made of Rose canes from our front yard.   The glue has to dry an aggravating 24 hours before clipping off the excess!




…but Vanilla says it is worth the wait!




12 thoughts on “Vanilla

    • Thanks so much, Muriel Makes…I have been extremely lucky in being able to take classes from expert doll-makers. I have learned so much about wood, carving tools, and how to find faces when I was about to despair! I really learned a lot!

  1. She is absolutely precious. Love her smile, eyes, hair color, everything about her. You have a gift in the ability to release these wonderful woodens from their former life as trees. I know I sound nuts, but I truly sense the energy of the tree that our hittys originated from in each and every one of our hittys. They are a blessing to live with. All of your hittys bring that gift to your stories…I am so happy to meet Vanilla. Love her.

    • Thank you very much Mary Anne. I am glad you can see the soul in the dolls that I do – part tree, and part love. I think that Vanilla will be another sweet soul and the stories will keep coming!

  2. Welcome to “life” sweet, happy Vanilla! You have no idea what wonderful adventures lie ahead. You were created by talented and loving hands and are joining a magical cupboard! One more treasure to be shared ❤️, one more ray of sunshine to look forward to.

    • Vanilla is happy – her sisters in the cupboard are friendly and her human is sewing…she has already been examining the pile of hankies and lace sent by a certain “Dollhouse Lady” and has chosen one to be transformed! We are glad she has joined us!

  3. Vanilla is a beauty…love her profile and I really like how you do the hair. She will be such an addition to the Quimper Cupboard!

    • Vanilla is already endearing herself to her cupboard companions, we are looking forward to having her pleasant company. Her hair is simple and she likes it because it is easy to take care of!

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