A Doll Day in Winter


Another rainy day…




…but the girls are happy to stay inside. They have a cloth doll…




…a wooden doll…




…and a Porcelain doll to play with!



Story Time

The doll’s dolls enjoy being read to…




…and drinking dolly tea…



Sleep Well

…and being put to bed.


Judy Brown made the wooden doll. Click Here for Judy Brown’s website.

Dollhouse Lady sent us the cloth doll, and made the Hitty’s house.  Click here for the Dollhouse Lady’s website.

The Quimper Hitty human found the wee porcelain lady at Lazy Susan yesterday. Click Here for the facebook page of the shop.


8 thoughts on “A Doll Day in Winter

  1. So sweet…dolls and dollies. The Country Hittys have a small doll collection and they also enjoy reading to them and playing dress up. Enjoyed your girls rainy day play.

  2. Watching Eugenia, Arianell and Vanilla reading to their dolls in those wonderful rocking chairs was a delight to behold on this cold Winter’s day.
    I am very appreciative of the talent in the Hitty community…Quimper human, Judy brown, Dollhouse Lady, etc. You all add so much joy and fun to our Hitty family.

    • The rocking chairs are so lovely, the girls love to sit and read and quietly rock…or in Rose’s case, knit! We’ve had a lot of rain lately so the girls are finding a lot of opportunities to find things to do indoors…it was so nice to see them getting out the dolls today!
      We are grateful for all our Hitty friends!

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