Pear Season


On Tuesday’s morning walk she went to see the William’s Bon Chrétien tree…



Windfalls and Pickings

…where the pears are beginning to drop – which means it is time to pick the rest!



Perfectly large

She found the most beautifully large plump pear…




…and a few with a gorgeous orange blush…




Tuesday thinks she’d like to take a bite from this one…




…but they will all be wonderful, whether totally green, or with an orange blush, or with scaly patches…




…we love all of them…thank you, tree!

6 thoughts on “Pear Season

  1. Thank you tree! We are enjoying fresh pears today too, but sadly they are not from our own tree. I hope Tuesday has some lovely treats using a few of these delicious pears,

  2. What a blessed bounty of beautiful pears that Tuesday has highlighted for us today. Thank you for sharing pictures of such natural splendor.

  3. scrumptious!!! My neighbor who shares pears with me…had none this year! A late frost….so sad. Tuesday is lovely and so nice to see her on this orchard adventure.

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