Knitting Merino Yak


The very first shopping expedition the human has taken since March this year was a trip to The Beehive Wool Shop for some sock yarn!

(Click here for a link to their marvellous shop)




It was not a very daring expedition – we ordered on-line, and the bag of yarn (Merino Yak/Plum Mix; Pro-Lana/Fjord; and Adventure/Opal) was delivered to the sidewalk!




Rose is now busy helping me to knit Christmas-flavoured socks for various relations, starting with the Merino Yak.



Sleeping Bag

All of the Hittys (even Rose) always wish we would forget to send the socks away – they make such lovely Hitty sleeping bags.




The cats don’t really care whether the socks are sent away or not, they just like it when Rose plays with string…




…this Yak/Merino blend is particularly snuggly.



15 thoughts on “Knitting Merino Yak

  1. So fun to see the cat enjoying the sumptuous yarn. Rose is doing a great job knitting so carefully. I hope the shopping “expedition” was satisfying. It’s good to see and feel hands at work.

    • It was a fun trip “out” though it felt a little strange. We were very glad to see most people being civilized about the restrictions and public health requirements. The cat, like most cats I know, could not resist the ball of glorious snuggly yarn!

    • Thanks very much, I was glad the yarn was as lovely as I imagined when I saw the description on line…Rose’s dress is one I made a long time ago, and she wears it almost every winter…it actually needs a bit of mending, she will get to it next time it goes into the laundry.

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