Yak, jakki, iaque


Rose took a well deserved break after knitting the first pair of socks…




…while Tipsy tried them out and declared them perfect!!




Tipsy had such a snuggly time in the socks, (and the human was so busy photographing her antics), that we forgot to put them into the parcel. Luckily we noticed and were able to cut the package open and tape it shut again before it went off to the post office (phew).



Yak Yak Yak

The label seems to imply that they will be very chatty socks…




…and Tipsy noticed there was quite a bit of yarn leftover…hint, hint.



9 thoughts on “Yak, jakki, iaque

  1. what truly lovely socks…and Hitty looks so snug that no wonder you nearly forgot to put them in the packet! The girls are a delight as always!!

    • I think Tipsy was rather encouraging my forgetfulness in hopes of keeping this sweet snuggly sleeping bag! The recipient will hopefully enjoy them just as much however, and it is snowing at his house today!

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