November and December Provençal Quilt Blocks


With Constance and Vanilla’s help, the Quimper Hitty Human is continuing to make monthly quilt blocks out of a collection of Provençal fabrics collected by her in 2010, with the addition of some pieces collected by her mother-in-law  around 60 years ago.



November Block

In this block the yellow leaves in the centre and the red triangles are the newer fabrics, and the rest are the older ones (and the tablecloth below was purchased two years ago at a thrift store in Aix-en-Provence)…we are very fond of these colourful printed fabrics!



November and December Blocks

Here are the latest two blocks – they are numbers 11 and 12 in the series.  The blocks are based on a one-block-a-month pattern called “Shades of Grey” but we have enough grey and dullness all winter, so are using these more cheerful combinations!




Thanks for your help, girls!




15 thoughts on “November and December Provençal Quilt Blocks

  1. The colors and precision of your blocks are going to make for an outstanding quilt. Remind me, how many blocks will there be?

    • The pattern has 18 blocks, interspersed with some plain ones…and a quite wide border. I am thinking of reducing it to be a single bed sized quilt, but we’ll see. I am doing it with a human friend as well as the Hittys. She and I are using the exact same design, but hers is all Liberty prints. We had started meeting at each other’s home (January, February, March) then in the back garden properly distanced (April till October) but are now trying to do things over the phone, or with photos etc. It has been a good, persevering project, and I can’t wait to see the finished Quilts side by side!

  2. Your quilts are always so beautiful. The family history sewn into this one makes it even more special. The color combinations are so pretty.

    • Thanks very much indeed, we love to make things with fabrics, and these quilts seem to help assuage so many anxieties – about losing connection with friends and family; about things being in the doldrums forever; about the world turning grey and we also think this work is a good reminder to keep doing, each little piece is part of a glorious whole!

    • Thank you! I think the youngest Human put Vanilla into that particular dress…but most of the girls seem to be trending towards beige for the holidays this year (except Tatty who is agitating for a new blue dress, or at the very least, a new apron for Hanukkah).

    • I think I inherited the stitching gene from my grandmother’s side of the family – she started the hexagon quilts that I am finishing…and her sister-in-law was a prodigious embroiderer and tapestry weaver (yes, real tapestry, not canvaswork!) But it was very nice to have something in common with my mother-in-law, who made many lovely quilts.

    • Littlest human will recognize some of the fabrics too, as my mother-in-law and I made her a wee baby quilt when she was an infant, and she still has it on her bed! And there is a queen-sized quilt that we made ten years ago. You may be starting to think that there are too many Provencal quilts in the house already…but I am not tired of them yet!

    • Thank you very much – I have been enjoying this “Sampler Block” quilt – every month a different pattern. The cobblestone quilt we made using the same fabrics is beautiful in a different way, but all the same. We’ll see what it looks like when all is said and done. I like the thought of an heirloom, too, but I think I am doing it for the doing it if you know what I mean.

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