Storm Music


Arianell was given a new hat, so she went for a walk…



Rocks and foam

…it was very stormy – winds of 70+ km/h…and at high tide the rolling pebbles make a lovely liquid sound as the sea pulls them backward and forwards in the foam.




You can feel the huge waves thundering against the headlands, and taste them as they explode into showers of salt…




…and there is a giant marimba of 40-50 foot long driftwood logs being pulled out to sea and flung back on top of each other.



Storm Music

What a symphony!





21 thoughts on “Storm Music

  1. The expression of Arianell’s face is so beautiful, and her new hat too. Winter is here too today, cold and rainy. Thank you, Love, nia

    • It was a wild and thundery sort of music – and mostly cloudy dark but with a blaze of sunlight just when we got down to the beach. One of those fierce days that invigourates, and wakes you up!

  2. You, K, and Arianell have given me a new view of such high velocity winds, colliding of wood structures and muscular water waves. And, it was all topped off with Arianell’s sweet little gifted hat.

  3. I love your description of the storm symphony! It appeals to all the senses. Arianell’s new hat is very becoming and looks cozy.

  4. Just love your stories and photos. In this time of stress for everyone. It is so relaxing to me to read about your Hitty Adventures. Thanks

    • Thank you so very much, it is relaxing for me to go out on very small adventures with the Hittys, and I am very glad that you can join us and hopefully feel some of the same calm and hope and optimism that they generate in me.

  5. The Country Hittys were thrilled to see the hat being taken to such a dramatic setting!! We were all quite in awe of the symphony and what it must have sounded and looked like. Great writing and photography!!

    • It was an awe-full lovely day! Arianell absolutely loves the hat, it sticks on her head, and also keeps her ears very warm, and keeps her curls from tangling in the wild wind! The Country Hittys are the most thoughtful gift givers, and they must have a very talented pet seamstress!

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