Basket Swing

Young human, Floradora and a bat-eared fox went for a walk in our neighbourhood. They found a convenient branch to hang the basket on to have a little swing.



Blanche, le fee de niege

…we stopped at a “little Free Library” where the human and the small human found some books to read. Floradora read a story about the snow fairy to the bat-eared fox…




…and then they snuggled for a while on the cosy blanket.



13 thoughts on “Foxwalk

  1. What a true to life/wood description of that “fox”. Sounds like the walk was full of more creativity and enjoyment.

    • Bat-eared Fox spent most of the walk being carried, either in the basket or wrapped in the cosy quilt – I was informed that Victoria is a long way from Fox’s warm desert home, and besides it had no legs!

    • Young human is in French Immersion at school – she pounced upon the Snow Fairy book – just the same as the ones she has in her class! All the fairies are different colours of the rainbow! She must be teaching the Hittys – I am bilingual but not in French. We had a long discussion about lichens and mosses, and the differences between them, but the subject of dyeing never came up – I’ll have to mention it.

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