Wood chips and Flowers

Creeping Jenny

Hitty Henrietta sat amongst the Creeping Jenny…




…Floradora examined the Bee Balm…



St John’s Wort

…Vanilla admired the St John’s Wort berries…



Three Graces

…and they all danced in the Blue Star Creeper.

It is a good thing that the Quimper Hittys know how to amuse themselves…




…because the human is busy generating wood chips and coaxing a new doll out of some very special wood.




Vanilla and her sisters are happy about the emergence of a new girl, even though she is destined to live elsewhere!


9 thoughts on “Wood chips and Flowers

  1. Aww, what a pretty leg and shoe are emerging from that special wood. Like flowers waiting to bloom, I look forward to the bloom of this new gal that’s entering your midst. The girls today had a quaint time in the flowers. They are very entertaining. How nice that you have them there to keep you smiling.

    • The little wooden friends in this house are a source of neverending delight…and we are so glad to have been given a special piece of wood to make a special doll with…we hope she will bring delight to the home that she is going to!

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