Mincemeat Girls


Willa and Jane chopped apples, orange peel, currants, raisins, almonds, and sultanas; added sugar, melted butter, grated lemon zest…and…



Mixed Spice!

…home made Mixed Spice!




Time to make Mincemeat! It tastes best if left to settle for at least a month before using…




…but of course Jane and Willa had to try it out for quality control! They are happy to say the mincemeat is perfectly acceptable when used right away!




13 thoughts on “Mincemeat Girls

    • It is a recipe from our favourite photographer’s side of the family, but I had been making it annually for about 20 years with my mother-in-law. This is the first time I’ve made it without her, but my sister-in-law came to help out this time!

  1. Hello Ladies!
    We too are making mincemeat this week, though we have to wait until Saturday as our own Smallest Human will be home from spending a few days with his mummy then and, of course, he being a budding chef and very good at chopping such things as peel, he needs to be here to help.
    We now have new members of our family .
    Well, they are actually old members of the family as they used to belong to our current Person’s grandmother and great grandmother, so that makes the SH the sixth generation of the family that one of them has known. But, having been locked away in attics in Europe, South Africa and Canada, they have forgotten all about Christmas and cooking so we must help them to remember such things as baking and making.
    Of course, they are not Hittys, but China Heads and they have spent happy hours reading and looking at photos of you all.
    Much love,
    The Radnor Forest Hittys and Friends xxxx

    • How delightful to have historic family China heads that need to be re-introduced to such activities…they might even recognize the recipe for mincemeat! We love it when our young human helps with baking, it is such magic to small people, and they are so proud of themselves!

      • they were farmers with dairy and beef cows. I am sure the meat was beef. So heavily spiced that one could not tell it was meat.

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