Chilly February Morning

Garden view

Henrietta gazed out the window at the rhododendron on a chilly February morning…




...which is in its February full bloom glory, and looks so lovely from close up…





…but it is really very windy with 60 km/h gusts and cold at -9 C with the wind chill!




Henrietta dashed over to the front porch to check the mailbox…




…and then ran inside to sit by the fire to read the messages of love from our friends near and far…a sweet valentine from the far away Whoopsadaisy Hittys, and an augmented  hand woven blanket from One Small Stitch up the hill.

We posted a blog about the blanket on January 22. Click here for that post. Thanks so much to One Small Stitch for offering to finish the edge with some beautiful crochet. We think it is a lovely edge and now it looks like the big ones she’s made!





16 thoughts on “Chilly February Morning

  1. Very special gifts for Henrietta. Looks like cat is happy too. The pink Rhod’s look lovely.
    That ladybug is great. You always make me smile with some kind of surprise.

  2. so beautiful dear Hitty Lady, and beautiful gift too. Ours still in the drawer,… how sad, Thank you for this beautiful post, as always made me so happy. Love, nia

      • you are so nice dear Hitty Lady, you are so nice… Blessing and Happiness to you, Thank you, how precious your being for me. Love, nia

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