Another Posy


We love how the plants are mounding up and producing flowers…



Grape Hyacinth

…and spikes!




Henrietta loves the big pillow of Candytuft…




…she couldn’t help picking another little posy!




11 thoughts on “Another Posy

  1. Your dolls, their dresses, their bonnets and head wear, the settings, the gorgeous flowers are ALL such heavy duty, full of glory and refreshment. I could read your blogs over and over, they are just so satisfying.

    • Thank you Nia, we love the blues too – those little blue Grape Hyacinth flowers are sweet and pretty too, they have a nice scent, but quite strong so we only bring one or two into the house!

  2. Henrietta looks like a brides maid or a beautiful flower in that lovely blue frock and white bonnet. your flowers are so pretty.

    • Henrietta loves that dress and bonnet – she is hoping to persuade some of her sisters to dress in their Regency outfits, take their Jane Austen novels, and wander in the garden for a quiet read followed a cup of tea…perhaps once the weather warms up a little!

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