Bonsai Garden Afternoon


Tattie and Tephra came on a visit to the Horticultural Centre…


Their favourite part (like all the Hittys) is the Takata Bonsai Garden, which has lots of beautiful trees, perfectly sized for Hittys.



Pyracantha “Firethorn”

The deciduous Pyracantha Bonsai tree was their favourite…

(to see what this tree looks like in November, Click Here).




They would like to have climbed up, but these trees are delicate, so they stood very lightly on the moss at the base…




They shared their basket with a wild strawberry plant on the way home.

For more information about the garden at the HCP Click Here.




14 thoughts on “Bonsai Garden Afternoon

  1. Yes, a Bonsai garden seems like it was created with Hitty in mind! Washington D.C. also has a fantastic Bonsai garden should you come out this way. 🙂

  2. The lives of your Hittys are filled with serenity and it is so pleasing to see them enjoying themselves at the bonsai garden. I see that they were carried away most comfortably. Are they planning a strawberry garden at home?

    • That is their favourite carrying basket, not least because of the wonderful, versatile and beautiful quilt that lines the bottom! They are planning a strawberry garden, but have to figure out how to keep the deer away!

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