Barnyard Life

A New Barn

Some of the Quimper Hittys visited Linnea’s wonderful new barn!

Attic wildlife

There are a variety of animals living inside…



Looking Down

Dulcie went up the ladder and looked around…



Baby Giraffe

…Tephra and Linnea cuddled a baby giraffe…



Giraffe nap

The youngest human in the family made this nice pink blanket with her very own hands!



In the stalls

Then the girls ran into the barn…




…and closed the gate!




The Tyrannosaurus Rex made them nervous!




Tephra was so tired afterwards, that she had to have a little sleep.

Thank you, youngest human, for the beautiful Hitty blanket!




14 thoughts on “Barnyard Life

  1. That Hitty sized barn is brilliant. Who carved and painted those critters. The racoon and baby deer were just so sweet…but the best part of all was the delighted expression on the youngest human’s face. She is Oh so adorable. The blanket she made with shooting stars and planets (the buttons) was so creative. I think I know where she gets that from. Thank You for sharing this with us. It will keep me smiling all day.

  2. Youngest human member of the family is continuing to create fun and fantasy. What a lovely companion you and the Hittys have in her and what she brings in her uniqueness.

  3. Oh! La! La! Talent runs in your family!!! The Hitty blanket is beautiful! And…that youngest human is sooooooooo adorable!!!! Sure hope she keeps loving our woodens she makes them shine in every possible way 😄

  4. This post is off the charts for the adorable factor! I love the barn and it’s unusual inhabitants. The pink blanket is wonderful, and she is obviously following the family path of being a creator! I totally cracked up at the T Rex in a sweater, as we have one that wears glasses, lipstick and a schmancy shawl, and tells stories to our grandson 🙂 I wonder if she is from the same tribe as the sweater wearing dino?

  5. The Country Hittys are very impressed with the barn. they have a herd of sheep who would be right at home in there. So happy to see the youngest Quimper human is taking after her Grandmother in all things creative and crafty. Lovely to see her imagination at work. Also found the T Rex in his sweater hilarious (and also a bit scary)

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