National Black Cat Day


The Block Twins are happy!




Black Cat Rug

They have a new Black Cat rug…



Liquorice Cats

…perfect for piling their liquorice cats upon.



Black Tom

A handsome tom came to investigate…



not impressed

…and informed the twins that liquorice is not on the approved list of cat comestibles…




…but a comfortable shoulder and some soft pats are acceptable.

October 27th is National Black Cat Day in the UK!

We also celebrated the US Black Cat Appreciation Day in August  Our lovely black cat says the more appreciation the better!!

(although our black cat Siyah is in disgrace at the moment, after an incident which resulted tn the human having to scrape springerle cooky dough off the wall and floor behind the piano…)







11 thoughts on “National Black Cat Day

  1. I agree with cats liking dough…and they love to be around as cookies are made…what better than a black cat to celebrate a black cat rug???? Great work!!!! Quimper cupboard is the best place to live!!!!

      • When we had resident kitties, we sank a good sized hook into the ceiling and always tied the tree to it it, as well as to couple of points on the piano, as our kitties loved climbing the tree and perching inside it. One of the kitties was content with just ringing a wee bell that we hang on the lower branches for her, but her sibs insisted that the Christmas tree was their jungle gym… oh my! Flying ornaments galore!

  2. I am chuckling over the cookie dough on the wall incident! Having two large dogs in the house and until quite recently 2 house cats I have a long list of mishaps involving the 4 legged culprits. Your rug is delightful and those licorice cats are sooo cute. I have never seen the like. Also we like the looks of your regal black tom.

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