A Visit with friends

Comox Valley Doll family

Constance visited her Comox Valley family overnight.  Dulcie, the tiny Hitty and the cat were especially happy to see her.  Linnea and Constance traded sweaters, Dulcie’s bare feet were happy for the socks, and the cat wanted the red scarf. Linnea and the Matryoshka doll worried what Constance might like to have for tea, and where she would sleep.



Strawberry Candy Gift

But the problems were solved when a Unicorn gave Constance a strawberry candy…



Little brother Unicorn

…and took her off to the magical unicorn barn for a sleepover.




14 thoughts on “A Visit with friends

  1. Looks like there’s a lot of magic in Comox Valley…and wonderful people to bring it to life! Love being a witness to it…thank you!

  2. Goodness there are some very imaginative problem solvers in that home. Constance looks right at home on that unicorn. Obviously a Hitty of hidden talents!

  3. – and what an eclectic array of books behind the gathering. I love the Koran nestled up to a “Good Morning” children’s book, and the mysterious upside down COLLINS; all well sandwiched between slim-but-weighty Camus’ “Rebel” and “The Plague” at one end, and sturdy “Rocks & Minerals” at the other: perfectly Hitty, somehow.

  4. Constance and the Unicorn seem like they have been friends forever. Constance is a good rider and the Unicorn is very happy to take her on a magical ride – Constance never ceases to amaze us

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