Surprise Time


The Quimper Hittys received a mysterious envelope in the mail…


…which seemed to be of particular interest to the cat.




A mouse emerged from the envelope, so the cat-girls and Gráinne attempted to make introductions…




…but the mouse spurned the cat’s overtures of friendship…




…and ran as high as it could to escape. Gráinne had a suggestion while the mouse was up in the cuckoo clock…




…so the mouse obligingly moved the clock hands forward  by an hour!




Thanks, Mousie!!




Happy Daylight Savings time (if you live in an area where this is happening tonight)

Gráinne is happy with her new wee felted critter; the Mouse is happy to have been useful to the Quimper Hittys; and the cat-girls are distracting the cat for the moment!

Thanks so much to the Hitty friend who sent us the wee mouse, who was made by Fantiny Critters, click here for their Etsy shop!





8 thoughts on “Surprise Time

  1. That little mouse is adorable, the cat halfway inside the envelope was picture perfect and of course the twins and Grannie are always a welcomed sight to me.
    You don’t just weave on looms, you weave stories that are creative, whimsical, imaginative and so very appreciated. You are amazing.

  2. Good gracious that is one sweet mouse and I do not even like mousies!! I love the pic of him helping set the clock hands. by the way I am not so sure that Cat intended to make friends….in my experience mousies tend to be ingested not befriended by resident cats! Always a joy to see Grainne in action…even if it is not on the deck of a pirate ship!

  3. That picture of the mouse moving the clock’s hands by an hour is too cute…..Wonder if the mouse knew we were going to have daylight saving time……

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