A Happy Equinox


Min likes to wear exuberant yellow for spring!


while Mary Ann is sometimes a shrinking violet…




and Hattie sits primly by the primroses!




The peaceful country churchyard inspires quiet contemplation…




…and renewed hopes at the turn of the season!



Happy Vernal Equinox to our friends north of the Equator, and happy first day of fall to our friends in the southern hemisphere.



12 thoughts on “A Happy Equinox

  1. Happy Spring equinox!!! Min is my favorite and it is so nice to see her this morning. The field of flowers is uplifting and beautiful, and the three girls look so companionable together by the tree. Sigh. Wish I was sitting there with them. (In my imagination I am.)

  2. For some strange reason, in Australia, the seasons change on the 1st, so it was supposed to be autumn a few weeks back. But, someone forgot to tell someone else to turn down the thermostat a tad. It’s still very summer like, at least where I live.

    I’m in Naples, Italy just now, and someone has turned on the water tap and left it running. It’s bucketing down with rain and everyone is sick and tired of it!

    Happy change of seasons.

    • Astronomically speaking (my father was an astronomer, so I have this drilled into me) the equinox occurs at the moment that the earth occupies the points of either 0 or 180 degrees in its circle (actually an ellipse) around the sun, 90 degrees being the solstices.

      It does make quite a bit of sense to celebrate the change of the season when it actually looks like it is changing, but if there isn’t much difference seasonally, I expect an arbitrary date makes sense too.

      I do hope the rain stops in Napoli very soon!

      • The sun shone today. I went to the national museum especially to see the meridian room, your father would have appreciated that. But, the darn room was closed, to prepare for a special display. I got rather sulky. 😆

  3. You can’t imagine how delightful these Spring photos are. Our Hitty’s are beginning to think we will never see the likes of this again. We are in the path of our 4th Nor-Easter in a month. Happy Spring my foot!!! That is another foot of snow expected tomorrow.

    • It sounds like it has been a long cold winter in your neighbourhood. May the flowers and sunshine follow the vernal equinox in haste, and bring you some relief…and maybe buy yourself a bouquet of daffodils!

  4. wonderful photos. The girls are enchanting. Ahhh Spring!!! Here in MO. the daffodils are in bloom and the Maple trees are budding a bit. And the grass is greening!!

    • I am glad! It is such a pleasure to see the halo of life when the leaf buds begin to appear in the trees, and the greening grass and flowers too. I think Hittys especially feel spring in their xylems and phloems!

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