Varnish and Rail


Arianell supervised the application of Interior satin finish Varathane onto the bathroom floor tiles…





…we put on four coats, and with three hours drying time and light sanding between coats,  it took all day.




The coatings have helped to even out the surface and fill in the cracks, and added some depth.



Blind slats

Next we worked on the chair rail of the wainscotting…the human had collected the slats from broken wooden blinds (originally bought at IKEA many years ago). I usually use the slats when weaving for spacing the warp, but I repurposed one for the Hitty bathroom…they are a nice proportion, and the perfect thickness…




…we marked a line, after which the human cut a thin strip off with a sharp knife….




…and then cut mitered corners.




The girls helped fit them in place…




…we’re almost done!!



10 thoughts on “Varnish and Rail

  1. And it is a very nice bathroom! Amazing job and great recuperating, repurposing and reusing! What talented hands have been at work! Go girls, you are on a roll!

  2. This is such a pretty bathroom. I am amazed at the delicate little hands that have created such masterful touches in the room and no soiling to their clothes! How very careful and efficient Arianell and Vanilla have been.

    • Arianell and Vanilla are usually supervising when the really sticky or messy jobs need doing. I have been thinking they might benefit from some sturdy aprons, but so far so good, and there isn’t much left to do on the construction phase, so hopefully they maintain their record!

  3. I love how thorough you are and those mitered corners!!! The Country Hittys and I are in awe of the Quimper creativity!

    • It has been a great project for these complicated and unsettling times…it has both fun and satisfying aspects, and best of all we all love the way it is turning out. There may be problems getting the girls to exit the bathroom in a timely manner, they may just be transfixed and unable to tear themselves away!

  4. This bathroom is beautiful. The chair rail is awesome. I am in awe of the way you see future uses for discarded items in the household.

    • I didn’t think of the slats in time to use them for the top and bottom rail of the wainscotting, but on the other hand, we got lots of practice using the Miter box and saw! It has been so much fun to “recuperate repurpose and re-use” things in my house. I think the only thing we bought brand new was the screws and the varnish. Everything else was here waiting to be discovered!

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