Wednesday Morning Walk


Constance walked around the neighbourhood one Wednesday morning. She found many cheerful things to appreciate, despite the gloom and doom on the news, and the grey and chilly weather.  Look – the creeping Thyme is in flower – beautiful and fragrant…




…and there was charming and heartening sign at the side of the road.




Down at the beach, she spotted an amusing self-important duck…




…up on the hill the lovely Hawthorn is in bloom…




…and the Gentian is an excellent substitute for blue sky…we need some in our garden!



12 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Walk

  1. This was positively glorious. The magnificent colorful field of flowers is breathtaking.
    Our academy of natural sciences has field trips. Julie and I signed up for one that was to explore our Pine
    Barrens in New Jersey. We were on the hunt for the elusive blue gentian flower. It was a wonderful excursion but alas no blue gentian was found that day. So, you can imagine my surprise when I viewed this story…my eyes almost popped out of my head…seeing so many beautiful blue gentian flowers growing in your magical part of the world.

    • There many gardens with tame Gentians in our part of the world – we hope to acquire a plant for our own garden…but it would be such a treat to see them in the wild!

  2. You and Constance had a visual wonder walk. What glorious colors awaited you and how nice that they gave cheer to the dreariness of the day(s). Thanks for the vibrancy and quietness that surrounds you and now us with your pretty narrative of the day.

  3. such wonderful flowers….it is rainy and misty here also…our roses are just beginning to bloom and honeysuckle is budding nicely. The iris are blooming in all their many colors. So happy that Constance also has flowers to brighten her day.

    • Constance is happy too – we just love the flowers – we actually have some creeping Thyme in our flower bed, but it is a very small plant at present…hoping that one day it will be as beautiful as the meadow we saw this morning!

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