Thanksgiving 2020

Good company in April

The Quimper Hittys are blessed with a household of companions, so even though they are not socializing with other households, they are thankful for good company!!




Health Care Workers

The Hittys are doing their utmost to follow the guidelines so they can stay healthy and not add themselves to the burden of the health care workers who are taking care of sick people during the pandemic.

Garden in September

Thank you to our garden…



Good Food

…for providing us with fruit, flowers and joy!



We love celebrations with our household…



Peace and Quiet

…and are sometimes grateful for peace and quiet!




Today is Canadian Thanksgiving Day. This being the strange year that it is, most of our human family is not able to visit. We will make a special meal for the three family members that we see regularly, and will “visit” others electronically!  We hope everyone is having a happy day – we are finding lots to be grateful for, and hope you can think of lots of reasons to be thankful too even in a complicated and confusing time…






14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2020

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for you.
    The girls are adorable and your table is beautiful, looking out those wonderful large windows at that gorgeous garden.

  2. Giving thanks and being grateful is a wonderful opportunity. So glad that you are viewing this challenging time period with thanksgiving. I know it’s not easy.

    • It is not easy…things are strange and discombobulated. Thank goodness for friends who all are dealing with trouble and strife in various ways, and thank goodness for the Hittys in my life who keep on encouraging me to value the little things!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and all of the Quimper Hittys! And a big thank you to you, Kjerstin, and to your “youngest family member” for the joy you bring by sharing your Hitty adventures.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours! The Quimper Hittys are one of the lovely blessings that I am so grateful for! Thank you for all the love and delight that you create and share with such generosity!

  5. The Country Hittys and their human are wishing you a wonderful celebration. Thank you for sharing yourself and your world with us.

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