Mars at Perigee


The block twins were excited…




Today is the day that Mars will be closer to the earth than it has been for two years.

Mars has been very visible in the eastern sky just after sunset for several days – the twins have been observing it  and marvelling at it’s brightness!




Unfortunately it is a very stormy evening so they couldn’t see it at perigee…




But they consoled themselves.




Click Here for an article about Mars at Perigee!




14 thoughts on “Mars at Perigee

  1. I love your sense of humour!!!! We were able to see Mars (the planet, not the candy LOL) last night on our very cold dog walk -brrrrr! We heard that Mars won’t be this close to Earth again for decades. So hopefully, the skies will clear up over Victoria so you can enjoy it 🙂 And, if not, then enjoy your sweet consolations!

    • No, it is a moment to savour! We have been Mars-watching for a couple of weeks already, but we did hope for a clear sky on the actual day…we got a glorious autumn storm instead, with wild wind, pelting bands of rain, and even a (unusual for here) Thunderclap!

  2. Thank you block twins, for this Mars update. I’m afraid I was totally unaware of such an event. I would like to say though, that the chocolate looked very inviting.

  3. can’t believe I missed this story…Those twins always know how to make the best out of any situation. Nothing fixes disappointment like chocolate.

  4. We have also been monitoring Mars in the evening sky and luckily for us it has been quite clear here in the country. Laughed over the girls consoling themselves with Mars candy! And of course the cat sweaters are too cute for words!! Those block twins make me happy!!

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