A Happy Book

Felix Domesticus

Constance is reading a new book to her little sisters…



The youngest human made a very small book about cats for the Quimper Hittys – what felicity!





16 thoughts on “A Happy Book

  1. So sweet and so thoughtful of the youngest member of the family to make such a fine gift for the fun-loving Hitty family at the QH household.

  2. Talent does run in the family and so does love. The best of gifts this Christmas is sharing it all. The Quimper Hittys are privileged…and so are we!

  3. WOW!!! Best present ever…Youngest member is so adorable…I love seeing all the creative and loving things she comes up with. Thank You for sharing.

  4. A hand made book…about cats??!!! HOw could it be more perfect? Oh I know…when it is made by the smallest Quimper Human…now that makes it PERFECTION!!

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