A Scrap Happy Smock – February 2021


Two years ago my very favourite linen shirt was wearing out, so I darned the holes, then darned the darns.  Sigh. At some point or other it  became so worn out in so many places, I decided to do a lovely Boro-style patch like my friend up the hill does (Onesmallstitch.wordpress.com). I found some patches, pinned them into place, but it seemed I could never find a moment to begin, and the shirt sat accusingly in my mending pile for another year.

Recently I decided to go in a totally different direction.




It was no problem to get started on a doll-clothes project, and since doll clothes pattern pieces are very small, I easily avoided the worn out areas. The book Tiny Wardrobe has a pattern for a sweet little linen dress with embroidered sleeves, and to fit Hitty I lengthened the sleeves by a scant 1/2 an inch.



Diluted white glue

I outlined the pattern pieces in diluted white glue before cutting them out since I didn’t have any fray-stopping liquid as specified in the book instructions.




Since this is a Scrap-happy post, I thought I should use a genuine scrap and not just a rag…this purple print is from the suitcase of fabric scraps I used last month…




…I used it both for the neckband…



hem facing

…and for the hem facing (the book has the raw edge of the hem just turned up once, but I like a more finished look).



Vanilla’s Smock

Here is the finished smock (without actual smocking around the neckline as it suggests in the book).



Needs a button

So far, Vanilla is pinned into her smock, but I will get around to adding a button at some point!



Embroidered Sleeves

We like it!



ScrapHappy is a group of bloggers using up scraps of anything – no new materials…Anything made of genuine scraps is eligible, and posts come out once a month on the 15th! If you like the idea and want to join the group, contact Kate or Gun through their blogs (links below).

Here are the links for other ScrapHappy people – headed by Kate and Gun, who devised and run the group: 





26 thoughts on “A Scrap Happy Smock – February 2021

  1. A tiny treasure of a ‘frock’ with lovely details.
    I keep meaning to try boro patches on my husband’s jeans before they become too indecent but haven’t got round to it yet.

  2. This is a magnificent article of clothing for Vanilla, Kjerstin. I highly admire all the steps in this process, from your wearing that favorite shirt to Vanilla’s wearing a conglomerated piece from it. It reminds me very much of a purple corduroy dress I made from the Folkwear Black Forest Smock pattern years ago. That dress covered a number of pregnancies and is now part of what I call my healing (corduroy) quilt-pieces of my children’s corduroy clothes of long ago as well as a couple corduroy dresses that I wore during pregnancy.

    • Thank you Becky, I used my corduroy maternity dress for making rag rugs – they please me to no end when I see them around the house! I love the idea of healing corduroy quilt-pieces, I bet they are lovely.

  3. those sleeves are a work of art, such tiny stitches. All the Hittys in the cupboard will be demanding a new smock. Thanks for the up-hill link – a bit like Jack and Jill but maybe to fetch a snow shovel!

  4. Beautiful tiny work! A comfortable, soft linen smock with elegant sleeves is a treat for a Hitty. That tiny neck binding and hem facing are amazing. And she certainly knows how to pick her background on that lovely scrappy star block.

    • Thanks – We were both very glad it turned out so pretty, I have always liked smocks ever since my grandmother made them for me when I was four or five years old, for painting and other messy play.

  5. Such a charming little dress…from a charming book. thanks to the Quimper human who wrote about this book earlier I now have one of my own. Vanilla looks so sweet in her linen smock!

  6. Oh, I LOVE this! What an enchanting little dolly, too! I love to make doll clothes and have made millions I think over the years. I need to find a new little girl to make them for, I think!

    • I carved Vanilla in January 2020 – she is a sweetheart, in fact she has a heart carved on her chest, which just appeared out of the wood-grain, so her middle name is Valentina!

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