Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine outfit

It’s a few days past Valentine’s day, but Vanilla is not ready to change out of her valentine outfit yet. It fits perfectly, is so comfy and makes her think of the kind friends who made the dress and hat…and it matches the new special occasion apron!




Constance is not ready to put away the Valentine Quilt sent to her by another Hitty friend – look at the tiny stitches, and the precision piecing!

The cat is enjoying the brand new needlefelted heart rug, given to us by yet another Hitty friend just a few days ago.

We feel surrounded by Hitty friends and love. I think we’ll keep these reminders out to warm our hearts for a little longer!




13 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2021

    • Aw-w-w Thank you so much! We love all our friends, whether they comment or not, and are very grateful to the friends that send us wonderful Hitty gifts (like the adorable valentine dress!)!

  1. Fun to see all the cosiness the Feast of Love generates because it’s in the winter. I wonder how the Hittys would celebrate Valentine’s Day if it was in the summer, as it is here…

  2. No one can blame Vanilla for wanting to keep wearing that outstanding ensemble! And the tiny quilt is flat out amazing!!! Who can sew that tiny??? You have an industrious seamstress fairy for a friend? Wonderful people have good friends…and you are certainly quite wonderful.

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