Hello Pirate Sisters!


Gráinne walked down to the foggy foreshore…




…she marched along the tide line…




…and slipped through seaweed…




…and scrambled up to the top of the rocks.



Gráinne is sending piratical thoughts to her carve-sisters “Red” and Birch…Ahoy there Pirate Sisters.

Happy talk like a Pirate day!







12 thoughts on “Hello Pirate Sisters!

  1. Sisterly greetings, Madam Gráinne the Pirate Queen, from the pirates of the Coral Sea, the Bass Straits, the Tasman Sea, the Arafura Sea, and the Great Australian Bight. Fair winds and following seas, and may the prizes be rich and the battles few.

    • Oh, Aye! Greetings to the sisters of the Southern Seas. Thanks so much for your generous wishes – and although Gráinne is always on the hunt for shiny pieces of eight, she and I feel rich in friendships – thanks for yours!

  2. wonderful! Always a joy to see the marvelous Pirate Grainne… wouldn’t it be fun to see the 3 Pirate queens together! I am not sure the HItty world is ready for that!! Great photos also, very atmospheric

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