Spring Buds in the Garden Trees


It was a sunny moment after the hail and before the rain, so Floradora went to the garden to encourage the buds on the trees. She sat in the pear tree and whispered to the buds – please produce plenty of perfectly plump pears!




She roamed all over the raspberry patch, encouraging them to…remember the rather rotund, ravishingly red raspberries.




She visited the little apple tree, looking forward to…any ambrosial apples of appealing and appetising aroma.




The Quimper quince tree produces leaves first so it is quite a quandary to know which buds to whisper to…but we know they will all be exquisite!




Do admire this dear little delightful dogwood bud! Oh soon-to-be divinely delicate flower!







10 thoughts on “Spring Buds in the Garden Trees

  1. I loved her flower on her hair, is that new, I haven’t noticed before, Beautiful photographs, Thank you dear Hitty Lady, Love, nia

    • Thank you Nia – Floradora was carved in 2020 when we were in covid lockdown. Ususally I get together with two friends to carve dolls, but because we couldn’t meet in person, my friend mailed me and our other friend each a piece of the same tree, prepared into a doll blank. That way we could carve the same wood “together” even if not sitting in the same place. Last year 2022 we got together face to face again, so I brought Floradora with me, and re-carved Floradora’s face a little, and I added the flower to her hair by some careful carving. She is made of dogwood so I made a dogwood flower! My two friends also worked on their dolls so we carved them “together” after all!

      • Yes, I remember know you put this lovely smile on her face. But to be honest this flower I haven’t noticed before. Loved so much, it is a detail but you know, in these kind of works (miniature works) details are great points…. I fall in love always. Thank you dear Hitty Lady,
        Have a nice day, Love and Hugs, nia

    • Floradora likes to think of herself as a garden fairy! I remember when she had chestnut leaf wings – maybe she will have to look for another pair when the leaves come out…

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