What have we here?



A wee tiny redhead girl.



Wee Flora was carved by Judy Brown in 1986! She meandered around until ending up in the Quimper Hitty cupboard just in time for Christmas 2016. The first order of business is to sew her a tiny layette!

Rose was also carved by Judy Brown, and has lived in the Hitty cupboard since 2011.  Click here for Judy Brown’s website.

19 thoughts on “Flora

    • I think she is very very sweet! Fortunately for the Quimper Hittys, our favourite photographer arranged for her to be sent to us, and were very happy she came in time to be with us at Christmas!

  1. Goodness what a sweet baby and such wonderful hair! We can work on our layettes together altho my doll is much larger then your sweet little one. I shall be quite interested in what you make for her.

      • my thoughts exactly on the layette…except for knitting booties or anything else! My little darling will have to make do with felt shoes I believe.

  2. she is beautiful, how wonderful she found her way to the Hitty cupboard, Judy Brown must be delighted that she has found such a perfect home. Well done to the favorite photographer. Joy to everyone.

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